Nytt, vakkert og kraftfult råkrystall Vesuvianite med anheng med kjede

Nytt, vakkert og kraftfult råkrystall Vesuvianite med anheng med kjede

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Raw Vesuvianite (Idoscrase) Druzy Cluster Pendant Necklace Stone from Jeffrey Mine Canada, Earth Friendly Eco Fashion Gift 

Nytt, vakkert og kraftfult råkrystall Vesuvianite med anheng med kjede...Leveres med kjede inntil 60cm....




Vesuvianite has a strong vibration that will assist you to follow your hearts desire. It has a strong energy to assist in spiritual growth, and positive movement forward in life. Vesuvianite stones will vibrate within the heart & solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus holds the energy of the will, and this stone will free our will, and allow us to unite the energy of the heart with the will, and follow our true calling.

* Aligns the will with the heart
* Encourages enthusiasm for life
* Heals the emotional heart and increases your zest for life
* Opens your heart to joy, lifts depression and a lack of desire for living
* Enhances your courage to be open to love and change entering your life
* Helps one to overcome negative emotions
* Helps one find a true path in life
* Connects one with the higher realms and higher-self
* Facilitates the seeing and understanding of things on Earth that have no substance
* Dissolves anger and alleviates fear and negativity
* Opens the mind and stimulates inventiveness and the urge to discover
* Excellent stone for healers to connect with Kwan Yin as an healing energy
* Banishes depression and clears negative thought patterns
* Cleans and purifies the body after an illness
* Helps with balancing and activating your digestive processes and enhances the intake of nutrients from food. This stone may relieve stress based illnesses, calm a racing heart and pulse.
* Will support and enhance the healing process for those of you with poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, anaemia and heart disease.