Nytt, vakkert og kraftfult råkrystall med spesiell Røk-kvarts triggerkrystallanheng med anheng

Nytt, vakkert og kraftfult råkrystall med spesiell Røk-kvarts triggerkrystallanheng med anheng

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Rare Smoky Elestial Tantric Twin Pendant with Trigger Crystal, Energy Infusion From The Higher Realms

Nytt, vakkert og kraftfult råkrystall med spesiell Røk-kvarts triggerkrystallanheng med anheng...Leveres med kjede inntil 60cm og mitt energiarbeid..

NB! Dette anhenget er meget spesielt og kraftfult...helt unikt..

This rare and one-of-a-kind gorgeous high-vibrational tantric twin smoky elestial quartz pendant has a trigger crystal on the side. It is around 2 inches long including necklace bail and hangs on your choice of an 18 to 24 inch silver plated chain. This crystal piece is very, very special— you won’t find anything like it anywhere!

KEY WORDS: Energy infusion from the higher realms, Divine love, angelic communication, grounding the Higher Self in earthly life


The word tantra itself is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning union. Your most important union is always first with your True Self. The ultimate union is when your Soul becomes one with you Original Source, whether that be Life Force, All That Is, or God. Tantric Twins single-mindedly work to assist you with human relationships of any kind. They prepare you to allow your twin essence or soulmate into your life at a very high energy level. Tantric Twins are extremely effective while working with the bond of two individuals who are already intimately connected.

Trigger Crystals are quartz crystals with a smaller crystal that is growing out of the side of the body of the bigger, older crystal. You can use them during meditation or when doing a healing, and they are activated by squeezing the smaller crystal. This will send an extra burst or surge of energy through the main crystal, which may elevate the metaphysical attributes of the bigger crystal.

Smoky elestial quartz is a rare and mysterious crystal with powerful healing energies. It is mined from Brazil and shaped by the natural geological forces, creating unique works of quartz art.

These amazing crystals attune us to vibrations of the Angelic frequencies, which allows us to be more connected to Angels, Spirits and The Divine. They are often used in meditation to connect with the Akashic Records, spiritual guides and teachers and other sources of cosmic wisdom.

“Believed to be from the time of Atlantis, Elestials are one of the most ancient, rare and high-vibrational crystals in existence. In Heather’s (from Energy Muse) opinion, these elestial crystals are the most advanced crystal technology that exists, as they are the record keepers of ancient times; they are POWERFUL healing crystals. The power of the elestial quartz metaphysical properties lies in the duality of grounding you while also uplifting you, directing energy towards the higher realms. It transforms the energy in any space, sucking out any negative energy and enhancing wisdom and spiritual growth.

Elestial Quartz, sometimes referred to as skeletal quartz, has unusual shapes with many small terminations and grooves all over it. Elestial means “Crystal of the Angels,” making these unique smoky quartz crystals extremely powerful spiritual tools. Because of their high vibration, Elestial quartz is believed to only come into your life when they are meant to; when you are ready for them. When they do come into your life, they will provide loving guidance from your spiritual realm, acting as a communicator between you and your higher self.

Elestial Quartz is the communicator between you and your higher self. The higher self is what guides our values and can tell if something will help or prevent us from aligning with our spiritual path and life purpose. Connecting with an elestial crystal helps you channel what you are spiritually ready to face and provides vibrations that support the development of those messages. As you continue to grow, elestials can shift to bring in new energy, evolving with us.

Smoky Elestial Quartz has all the same properties of Smoky Quartz, but elestial crystals have more emphasis on personal transformation. This type of healing crystal grows more rapidly than other quartz, which allows you to experience more rapid self-growth as well. “