Nytt, vakkert og kraftfult råkrystall med spesiell Røk-kvarts krystallanheng med kjede

Nytt, vakkert og kraftfult råkrystall med spesiell Røk-kvarts krystallanheng med kjede

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Fenster Elestial Scepter Smoky Quartz Pendant with Floater Lightkeeper, High Vibration Connecton to Angels, Spirits and The Divine

Nytt, vakkert og kraftfult råkrystall med spesiell Røk-kvarts krystallanheng med kjede...Leveres med kjede inntil 60cm og mitt energiarbeid..

NB! Dette anhenget er meget spesielt og kraftfult...helt unikt..

Key words: Energy infusion from the higher realms, Divine love, angelic communication, grounding the Higher Self in earthly life



Fenster crystals are a very, very high-vibrational variety of Quartz. The name Fenster comes from the German word for window, as they are known for their many windows and openings on the face of the crystal. These crystals are powerful for furthering your spiritual growth and finding your soul’s path and purpose. When you run your fingers along the windows, it is said that you will gain information about your life purpose. It helps you to connect with your “soul energy” so that you know you are on the right path. Fenster Quartz also helps to bring your chakras and energy field into balance.

Scepters are known for their power in harnessing intention. These are stones of power: manifestation, confidence, and wisdom. They are very, very powerful manifestation tools. They´ll assist you in manifesting the things in your life that you need and are striving for - but this must be done mindfully, as Scepters command respect and attentiveness.

These crystals were said to have been used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies. They were a symbol of the power of the realm and were carried or worn by the “high priest/priestess”. Wherever you wish to integrate a more balanced power in your world, a scepter will be willing to assist and show the way to that personal power.

"The appearance and energies of Fenster Elestial Lightkeepers seem to be a cross between Elestial Quartz and Herkimer "Diamonds". These exceptional crystals are facilitators of visionary experience and connection to higher realms. They stimulate the third eye chakra, engendering visual perceptions of the normally invisible worlds of Spirit. Like other Elestials, they are among the most powerful means by which the energy patterns, information and love from the entities of the higher planes can be translated and transferred to human beings engaged in physical life on the Earth. In addition, they can act as access keys to inner libraries of spiritual knowledge.

The "interdimensional" qualities of these stones are quite pronounced. In mediation, one may use them to travel to the angelic realms, as well as the domains of one´s spirit guides. They can be very powerful tools for the shamanic journeying and soul retrieval, allowing one to go back to the key moments in the life or lives of oneself, or one´s client, in order to recover lost parts of the soul. Such work can facilitate profound healings, and those who do such work, or wish to do so, are advised that Elestial Lightkeeper crystals can provide powerful “medicine." Source ~ Robert Simmons

Smoky Elestial are amazing crystals that attune us to vibrations of the Angelic frequencies, which allows us to be more connected to Angels, Spirits and The Divine. They are often used in meditation to connect with the Akashic Records, spiritual guides and teachers and other sources of cosmic wisdom.