Nytt, vakkert og kraftfult råkrystall Ametyst Auralit23 kjede med anheng

Nytt, vakkert og kraftfult råkrystall Ametyst Auralit23 kjede med anheng

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Auralite 23 High Vibration Powerful Healing Necklace, Stone of Awakening, Master Healer, Astral Travel

Auralite 23 Connect to Your Guardian Angel ... 


Nytt, vakkert og kraftfult råkrystall Ametyst Auralit23 kjede med anheng...Leveres med kjede inntil 60cm

NB ! Design, farge og størrelse på stenen varierer da dette er natursten...Du vil motta et Auralit 23 anheng og tilhørende kjede med beskrivelse fra produsent. Bildet er kun et eksempel. 



Auralite-23 crystal gemstone is the most powerful crystal on the planet with the highest vibration and holding the energies of 23 different earth elements and minerals all in one, including titanite, cacoxenite, lepidocrocite, ajoite, hematite, magnetite, pyrite, pyrolusite, gold, silver, platinum, nickel, copper, iron, limonite, sphalerite, covellite, chalcoppyrite, gialite, epidote, bornite, rutile, and smoky quartz in amethyst. Its like having 23 crystals in one, a powerful crystal ally and spiritual healing tool. Each Auralite 23 has at least 8 to 17 of these minerals in each piece. Your pendant comes with a detailed list of the healing energy of all the minerals and what they do.

Auralite-23 comes from only one crystal gem mine in the world, and that is the mine located in the Boreal Forest north of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, also called the "Cave of Wonders". Auralite-23 crystals have been scientifically proven as the worlds oldest crystal gemstone which developed more than 1.5 billion years ago while the first signs of life appeared on Earth. Each crystal reflects its own journey frozen in time.

* intuition, Astral Travel
* self confidence to not settle for less
* healing energy for empaths
* balancing energy for Indigos
* awakening power for Light workers,
* connection to home for Starseeds as a meteor landed on this spot and the minerals soaked into the crystal
* help connect to Angelic Realm and Spirit Guides
* aids intuitive abilities
* brings ancient knowledge
* helps bring abundance
* restores energy, boosts metabolism, pain relief, muscle relaxant, reduces inflammation, heals at cellular level