Orgone Sphere Krystallkule Karneol , 50mm

Orgone Sphere Krystallkule Karneol , 50mm

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Orgone Sphere Krystallkule Karneol , 50mm



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Handmade item


Orgone, Carnelian Gemstone Chips

Carnelian is said to be a passionate stone inspiring creativity, passion and motivation. 

Your gemstone ball has so many uses. Meditate with your ball and incorporate it into all your ritual work. Use your ball as you feel called, where you feel called, and however you feel called. Allow your intuition to manifest itself. Listen to your inner voice. These are remarkable tools for spiritual evolution, attracting harmonizing energies and summoning Higher Realm magic.

Orgone are a mixture of resin, metals, and crystals that are hardened into various shapes. They form energy generators that are powerful tools for transforming negative energy, charging the environment with positive energy and protecting from EMF and radiation.

Size: 50-55 mm

Natural gemstone, You will receive the similar item as picture shown, not exact one since stone is unique.