Premium Queen Grade Amazonian Amethyst/ XXL Ametyst Grotte, 77kg - 110x36x25cm

Premium Queen Grade Amazonian Amethyst/ Ametyst Grotte, 77kg - 110x36x25cm

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Premium Queen Grade Amazonian Amethyst

Gigantisk XXL metyst Grotte, 77kg - 110x36x25cm 

NB! Dette er kun et eksempel på en Ametyst Geode i denne vektklassen. Alle er forskjellig da dette er natursten. Ta kontakt for dine ønsker og beste dagspris på denne kvaliteten Ametyst Geode Grotter og Katedraler..benytt kontaktskjema. 



Amethyst Crystal Geode Premium Queen Grade...

The colour is the finest unique premium deep gorgeous Amethyst that you will ever see in your entire life. This is accentuated in a free standing upright position. This truly optimises the power and elegance of this unique Premium Queen Grade Amazonian Amethyst stone extracted by hand tools from a river bed of the amazon jungle.

Amethyst is the purple variety of Quartz. The purple colouration is due to ferrous iron impurities. Premium Queen Grade Amazonian Amethyst is a unique grade highly precious and very unusual that distinguishes itself from ALL other grade types of Amethyst thus arousing all emotions. Its spectacular and creates a Total Wow Factor in any environment. Truly Amazing!

Premium Queen Grade Amazonian Amethyst oozes with class and sophistication. The individual diamond stones comprising of this total piece are huge thus completely bouncing and reflecting the light around your room. This results in total euphoria and positive energy. This is definitely a centre piece and focal point with family and friends.